Many businesses could be missing out on a great way of boosting their online presence, are you one? A great option that many businesses may not even be aware of is Google Maps Business View. It’s a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour that Google offers. Basically, it’s taking Google’s ‘Street View’ inside a business, and it allows businesses to showcase anything they want to highlight. This virtual tour can set businesses apart from their competition, who may only have a still photo showing up in searches. It brings your business to life for potential clients.

Unlike some services that charge per click, Google virtual tours does not incur any monthly fees no matter how many times your prospective customers view your online tour. There is just a one-time cost to have the panoramic photos taken. Beyond that one-time cost, there are no other charges. The images will appear in Google searches, Google Maps, and Google+ Local, and you can easily embed the panoramic photos on your own website, social media pages, and more!

This option is a great way of boosting your presence in Google searches and lets you stand out. It’s easy to get started; anyone interested can call a trusted, independent photographer from a list that Google provides at

This blog post written by Gerry Neary of Virginia Peninsula Photography.


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