In the iconic words of rock legend David Bowie, ch-ch-ch-changes are in the air. You talked, we listened. We heard about your business needs and wants, as well as your challenges with our site. And now, after many months of our developers and designers working like mad, we welcome you to a better Manta experience!

Here’s the lowdown for our members:

You’ve been bumped up to first class – on us!

Sit back, relax and get ready as we prepare to unveil your improved company page. We think it may even rival hot towels and champagne.

Frankly, we don’t think you’ve ever looked better.

  • A sleeker, more mobile-friendly company page
  • Improved search to find and be found
  • Premium Listings more prominent in search results
  • Your Showcase Pages are now center stage!
  • No more squinting! Larger photos to show off your goods and services!
  • More intuitive interface!
  • The important stuff is above the fold! (That means there’s no need to scroll)
  • Map feature now at your customers’ fingertips!

We’re all kinds of excited to roll out your new company page in the next few days, but first we need to say goodbye to some features that weren’t as useful to you as we’d hoped.

Here are the features we’ll be bidding farewell to:

  • Activity Stream & Status Updates
    Instead of focusing on social initiatives, we’ve decided to discontinue the ability to post status updates, following companies and make person-to-company and person-to-person connections. We’re working to create a site that brings buyers straight to your business. Sound good?
  • International Company Profiles
    We love small businesses all over the globe but because we’re hyper-focused on revamping things only businesses within the U.S. can add profiles. There will no longer be a way to search for international businesses, and all claimed international profiles will be removed.
  • Product Endorsements
    We’re discontinuing the ability to endorse products to make more room to showcase your amazing products and services.
  • Manta Badge/Widget
    We’re no longer offering or supporting these. If you’ve got one, add this to your to-do list and remove the code from your website.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations on inactive or unclaimed profiles will be removed. However, you can still sing the praises of your favorites and write a review if a company is claimed and the profile is active.

We can’t wait to share these big changes with you and to help your business grow.

Stay tuned. Stay local. Stay Manta.

-The Manta Team


    • says

      Hi Tom,
      We did not eliminate our registered user page, so yours should still be available. If you’d like some help navigating our new pages and profiles, just give us a call at 866-432-6398.

  1. says

    As a South African, I’ve been waiting for years for Manta to allow international businesses to create profiles.

    Imagine my disappointment to find out that you’ve not only eliminated any hope of that ever happening, but that you’ve removed the ability to search for international businesses as well.

    I understand that you’re focusing your attention on your core market, so this move makes sense from a business perspective. However, I can’t help feeling saddened by this decision.

  2. says

    I agree with Darrell in his post where he questioned the removal of the ability to refine our searches. That was an excellent feature that enabled us to pinpoint potential clients quickly and easily.

    Now, as Darrell correctly states, we have to plough through individual entries pretty much blindly.

    Please explain the thinking behind removing this particular feature, as it seems to be a baffling move to us.

    Far from being improved, Manta has deteriorated substantially in our estimation.

  3. Jia Hartnell says

    How do I sign up for a paid Premium Business Listing? Will this listing include the locked out International businesses?

    • Heather Harmon says

      Hi Jia,

      When you log in, go to My Subscriptions to upgrade your account. Unfortunately, we are not supporting International companies, yet. We will keep you updated on when we will be able to do that.

      Heather H.

  4. says

    First, I don’t think that I like these changes that Manta have implemented, very much. The type of business that I have, the advertising part (posting daily sales, etc.) was very useful, for my business, and to me. The set up that you have, and speak of, now, is useless, to me, and for my business. I, really, believe that Manta got rid of most of the features that I have enjoyed, and used. So, if I am understanding correctly, the home page is, now, basically, just a blank page? Is it supposed to look the way, that it does, now? To be honest, I do not know if, and how much longer, I will stay with Manta. With these new changes that I feel that Manta just imposed on Manta users (#myopinion), and without feeling out the users, first, asking about the changes (including locking out International businesses, etc.); I am positive that you lost a lot of loyal Manta users, already. I used to promote Manta to my business associates, family, and friend; however, after my experience, I will not be doing that anymore. I do not, even, understand, or see, where Manta is headed, how Manta believe that they have improved this site, or, supposedly, how Manta believe that these changes are helping businesses. In my opinion, there were too many features tossed. There is no place for, or focus, on small businesses, anymore. The only part that may still be useful are the topics that are discussed; unless Manta’s topics begin to focus more on ‘BIG’ businesses, also. (Again, my comment is #MYOPINION!)

    • Heather Harmon says

      Hi Sharon,

      We really appreciate the feedback. It’s hard to try to provide all the features small business owners need. We welcome your opinion and will try to use it to influence our products in the future.

      Heather H.

  5. Darrell says

    What happened to the feature of benig able to search companies by their approximate revenue? This was a great tool and it is now gone. It definitely diminishes the usefulness of Manta.

    • Heather Harmon says

      I get, it we removed features that were really important to you. In the end, the changes we are making on Manta are all in an effort to help companies like yours get new prospects contacting you rather than you having to proactively find and contact prospects. So when the people who are looking for what you offer find you on Manta, it’s a much better experience all the way around both for them and you.

      • Darrell says

        That response didn’t really make sense. Removing the revenue feature isn’t going to make any companies contact me. The revenue feature was a major benefit in finding quality companies to contact versus what is available currently. Before I could make a list and all the dead listings could be removed, now I have to spend hours weeding through what’s available/real and what isn’t. Can you add this feature back?

        • Heather Harmon says

          Hi Darrell,

          Thanks for letting us know what you need. We will certainly take it into consideration when making changes to Manta.

  6. says

    Dear Heather: Great article. I have been always a fan of manta. These new changes will definitely improve the user experience especially mobile users. Thanks

    • Heather Harmon says

      Thanks! We do have a lot of mobile traffic, so this should help you get more views from your customers that are on-the-go!

  7. says

    It’s a shame to see you dropping profile support for your Canadian clients. The unique geography of our country places 90% of our population within a 1 hour drive of the US border. In my case, the drive is less than 5 minutes.

    It now means that my US clients are no longer able to view the company profile (such as it was), and what remains on the site is barely worth mentioning.

    I will continue with Manta because some of your articles are worth reading – but as a business generator, this is now a worthless asset.

  8. says

    Did I forget to mention that I am a national company and local (Bakersfield) advertising is not only useless, but wastes my time.

    • Heather Harmon says

      Hi Halad,

      Manta is a great place to connect with other business owners and get great tips and advice for running your business. I suggest you check out some of our features before you decide.

  9. Heather Harmon says

    Hi Halad,

    Manta helps small businesses profit, connect and grow through the largest online community dedicated entirely to small business. Millions of people come to Manta each day to buy from, partner with and connect to companies. By joining Manta, small businesses easily harness the power of the Internet.

  10. says

    I seem to be unaware of the benefits of belonging to your group. Of what immediate or long-term benefits do I need to be apprised?

  11. Heather Harmon says

    Hi Alton,

    There is zero cost to verify and you can have a completely free listing. We do also offer paid listings called Premium Business Listing, but you are under no obligation to sign up for one to verify your business with Manta.

  12. says

    To Whom It May Concern (@ Manta); B4 I verify my company name using your code, please confirm that there is no cost to me in doing so at any time I am listed by your company unless by my express approval.
    Alton L. Kolpien, Jr., a sole practitioner

  13. Heather Harmon says

    Hi Teresa,

    I’ve removed you from our email list. Give it a couple days to make sure its all set.

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