In the iconic words of rock legend David Bowie, ch-ch-ch-changes are in the air. You talked, we listened. We heard about your business needs and wants, as well as your challenges with our site. And now, after many months of our developers and designers working like mad, we welcome you to a better Manta experience!

Here’s the lowdown for our members:

You’ve been bumped up to first class – on us!

Sit back, relax and get ready as we prepare to unveil your improved company page. We think it may even rival hot towels and champagne.

Frankly, we don’t think you’ve ever looked better.

  • A sleeker, more mobile-friendly company page
  • Improved search to find and be found
  • Premium Listings more prominent in search results
  • Your Showcase Pages are now center stage!
  • No more squinting! Larger photos to show off your goods and services!
  • More intuitive interface!
  • The important stuff is above the fold! (That means there’s no need to scroll)
  • Map feature now at your customers’ fingertips!

We’re all kinds of excited to roll out your new company page in the next few days, but first we need to say goodbye to some features that weren’t as useful to you as we’d hoped.

Here are the features we’ll be bidding farewell to:

  • Activity Stream & Status Updates
    Instead of focusing on social initiatives, we’ve decided to discontinue the ability to post status updates, following companies and make person-to-company and person-to-person connections. We’re working to create a site that brings buyers straight to your business. Sound good?
  • International Company Profiles
    We love small businesses all over the globe but because we’re hyper-focused on revamping things only businesses within the U.S. can add profiles. There will no longer be a way to search for international businesses, and all claimed international profiles will be removed.
  • Product Endorsements
    We’re discontinuing the ability to endorse products to make more room to showcase your amazing products and services.
  • Manta Badge/Widget
    We’re no longer offering or supporting these. If you’ve got one, add this to your to-do list and remove the code from your website.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations on inactive or unclaimed profiles will be removed. However, you can still sing the praises of your favorites and write a review if a company is claimed and the profile is active.

We can’t wait to share these big changes with you and to help your business grow.

Stay tuned. Stay local. Stay Manta.

-The Manta Team


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