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    Thanks from Ecosource Canada we are Montreal base company
    Interesting work-out project together in Canada and or USA ?
    We have 7 divisions and more then 300 products covering eco-energy solutions and sustainable development feel free to ask our package representative program

    Or how you can be authorized agent for Ecosource Canada ask for our family catalogue in regard of our product line.
    Further detail at:
    and web page at:

  2. Scott Crumbaugh says

    Great little video highlighting some of the challenges and key points in researching whether a franchise fits your product or service. Thank you!

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    For someone really wanting their own business but without a business background a franchise can be a good choice because you won’t be reinventing the wheel and you’ll have help and support should you need it. Also buying into a franchise with name recogniton means you won’t have to spend all your time trying to attract customers who have never heard of your before.

  4. Debbie Solko says

    Good information however; the Matco Tool Franchise is one that is NOT a good opportunity. Matco Tools lies and defrauds its distributors. Matco Tools is currently in litigation accused of SBA Loan fraud.
    There is also a report alleging that Matco Tools, a division of Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR), is actively engaged in what’s known as “franchise churning.” “Churning” is a form of franchise fraud wherein a franchisor sells franchises it knows (or should know) are doomed to fail, collects payments, then resells the same franchise once the previous franchisee fails.