We know every business wants to be found, that’s why we offer Manta Keywords with paid memberships. Depending on your Premium Business Package, you have the potential to market in up to 15 different cities, with multiple keywords for each city. These optimize your company’s results within Manta’s search, so spend some time brainstorming what words your customers would use to find your business.

Some consumers use a broad search (ex. music shops); while others are more direct (ex. school band). Taking that into account, think like your customer and cover all the bases when you’re entering your Manta Keywords. The better you research and brainstorm, the more likely interested buyers will be able to find you.


When you’re filling in the cities and states, make sure you only have one city per line. Where’s your current market? What other areas would you like to target? Location plays a big part in how you’re found in Manta’ search, too. If you live in Hoboken, and you only focus on New Jersey, choose surrounding New Jersey cities to include. No need to toss in Slicklizzard, Alabama (yes, it exists!) if that’s not where you plan to do business. But, if you’re yearning for Slicklizzard sales, add it. Got it?  Long story short, the combination of well-thought-out Manta Keywords and accurate locations will yield better results.

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    • Heather Harmon says

      We can help with that! Give us a call at 866-432-6398 and we can walk through some good keywords that will fit your unique business.

    • says

      Lynne, I checked out your website. I love the colors and the feel of it. I feel it is a very comforting site and your clients will feel safe leaving their family pets with you! Many hugs always!

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