Child visiting her Mother at workTo celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we asked our Manta working moms about how they do it all. What we learned from almost 900 small-business-owning moms puts many myths about working moms on the same level as bedtime fairy tales.

For example, consider the original ‘Nanny 911′ — Mary Poppins. Magical nannies don’t float down from the sky just when you need them and for most working moms they don’t exist even in humbler incarnations. The majority of respondents (66 percent) don’t have nannies, babysitters or housekeepers supporting them on a daily basis.​​ And if you think these multitasking wizards would give anything to have Mary Poppins on hand – think again: only one percent want a live-in nanny to help them take care of their kids and only 16 percent want a housekeeper.

Next on the list of myths our survey busted – if money were no issue, would most mothers prefer to stay at home with their kids? In ‘Mad Men’ terms it’s bye-bye Betty Draper, hello Joan Harris, as the overwhelming majority of respondents (74 percent) would still want to be a working mother even if money was not a problem.

Finally, the third myth our survey dispelled – does having children sway women away from entrepreneurial endeavors and professional risk-taking? In reality, over half of the mothers we polled started their businesses after having children (63 percent) versus the 32 percent that did before becoming mothers. The fine act of balancing raising children and succeeding at work has taught working moms valuable skills like multi-tasking, time-management and delegation, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Incidentally, these are the same skillsets that successful CEOs of large companies brag about in their memoirs.

Regardless of when they started their venture, most of these busy working moms want to be pampered this Mother’s Day: spa services (massages, manicures, etc.) rank right along side a make-over or shopping session with a personal stylist. So take note, and if you have a working mother in your life, forgo the flowers and grab this unsung hero a spa gift card instead.



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