Manta search categories allow your business to be found both on and off of Manta (read search engines) based on the industry your company is in, even if your customer doesn’t search by an exact keyword. Let’s say, for example, you own a music store. Your potential customers may search Manta or in their favorite search engine for music shops, musical instruments or even music lessons. By selecting the categories you’d like your business to be listed in, you will show up when prospects look for what you offer.

To select your business category, go to ‘Business Categories’ on your company profile page and search to find and select the categories which best define the type of products or services you offer. These categories are pre-set and new ones cannot be added. However, with qualifying Premium Business Packages, you’ll have the option to catalog your business under three different Manta Search Categories.

Whether you choose one or three categories, just make sure you choose – otherwise it will default to “uncategorized”.  Now that you have the lowdown on how Manta’s search works, complete your profile with accurate Manta search categories and keywords and let the accurate search results begin!

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    • Heather H. says

      Hi Serena,

      Please give us a call at 866-432-6398 and we will help you log back in.

      Heather H.

  1. Heather Harmon says

    Hi Julia,

    I would be happy to remove your business from our site. Please email me the name of your business or a link to the profile at We will respond to your request within 48 hours of receiving it.

  2. says

    05/20/2014 – At least 3 months or more ago, I asked to be REMOVED FROM YOUR SITE. And what do I see in my visitation stats? YOU, with approx. address and phone number. I DON’T WANT IT ON HERE, WHO DO I HAVE TO CALL, THE DAMN CALVARY? THE STATE DEPT.? THE BBB? WHO? TAKE IT OFF, AND TELL ME WHEN YOU’VE GOT IT DONE. TODAY.

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