Showcase Pages are the place for you to present the world with your products or services.  It’s as simple as naming and describing what you offer, explaining how it benefits customers, and adding photos to make them pop! From your logged-in home page, find the “Your Business” drop-down menu, select “Edit” mode, then click the “Product Pages” tab. Once there, click the “Add” button and start writing clear, concise content.

The more informed customers are, the more comfortable they’ll feel buying from you. Showcase Pages can be powerful because they’re crawled and indexed by search engines – which just means that when people go to the major search engines looking for what you offer, your showcase page on Manta can be found there.

And if the content is unique, even better; never duplicate content (by copying from your web site for example). This varied content on the pages will help your company page be found on and off Manta, and every one completed is an additional chance to be found.

Free accounts get 3 Showcase pages, and Premium Business Packages can get up to 30 Showcase Pages to fit your company’s needs. Now go on – get going, and get found.

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