• Anna Harper-Hess says

      Thanks for approaching us about contributing to our blog. I’ll pass your information to our marketing department.


    • Anna Harper-Hess says

      You’re welcome Brady! I’m glad you received some helpful advice from this video!


  1. Carollynn Zimmers says

    How do you find a real SEO expert? How do you evaluate how good they are? After all, you really are gambling a lot with you business. If you get a poser and not an expert, it can really damage youe SEO.

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    Hi Reuben,

    Great series! You mention considering hiring a SEO Pro but will you tell us how to go about finding the right one?

    Thanks and have a GREAT weekend……Tim

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    Good advice that I wish I had had when we last redesigned our site. Our new site literally dropped off the search engines for a couple months once it went live. It was horrible and really slowed business. Eventually, the problems were fixed, but not after loss of business and incredible stress and worries. I won’t make these mistakes again!

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    I would add to the list…

    6. Recent changes to Google’s ranking algorithm have shown that there is such a thing as “over-optimizing” your site. Keep your keyword density reasonable and don’t stuff keywords. Write for humans, not search engines. The same goes for your title tags as well.

    7. Add more content pages and use them to target long tail keywords. This is a biggie… Google loves fresh content!

    8. Make sure your site has an easy-to-use navigation system. It won’t hurt to add a site map, too.

    9. Make social media part of your online marketing plan. Google is putting more and more emphasis on natural backlinks, so having your audience sharing your content is one of the best things that can happen to your site.

    10. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools so you can be notified if the Big G has a problem with your Website.

    Hope that helps someone!

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    Thanks for the tips. Through the use of website templates, research, and trial and error, I built and launched 2 websites last year and I am now in the process of tweeking them. I am a Tax Accountant. I don’t know of too many Tax Accountants that has successfully built a website with no professional help. I did. Your tips are helpful.