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NPI is a plastics manufacturer focused on custom vacuum forming and thermoforming plastic since 1969.

Neodesha Plastics, Inc. (NPI) is a privately held, successful custom vacuum forming and thermoforming plastics manufacturer - strategically located in the heart of America, in beautiful Southeast Kansas. Founded in 1969 by Kenneth W. Peitz, the business still thrives under the Peitz family with the hard work of a multitude of long-time employees. For more than 40 years, NPI has been big enough to serve the nation, yet small enough to be responsive. Neodesha Plastics, Inc. prides itself by pro...

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Christopher DeMuth
· May 31
I purchased 3 NPI stackable cages and discovered a manufacturing flaw when a young python got out and lost about 6 months after my purchase. I contacted the company about getting a replacement cage as it was a manufacturing defect causing the glass doors to be out of proper sink enough for this snake to get through, (I had noticed that this one unit was a lil more loose but had not purchased from them before and it was a pain to send back if it was within error), unfortunately I have discovered after taking it apart and looking closely, (due to the snake escape), that it is an unfixable manufacturing defect causing too much space at the top of the doors. I called and talked with NPI and they simply said too bad too late. I was requesting a replacement due to manufacturing error and also advising them of this possible problem in other cages. I will never buy from them again and am appalled that they do not care about their reputation or product enough to replace something they did not produce correctly and failed to catch and shipped to a customer.
Updated Sep 02