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Antoine Warren
· Oct 18
Bledsoe gave me the best price along with the most professionalism. Have recommended them to others and they've done a great job every time.
Delray Brown
· Apr 04
Bledsoe handles the roof repairs on our condominium complex and have always been professional. The work crews are also easy to work with. They've saved us a lot of money over the years with their roof coating system.
Moses Williams
· Jul 17
Had Bledsoe do a commercial roofing project for us nearly 15 years ago. We never had a leak until now. I was reluctant to call them as I didn't think the warranty would still be in effect. When I talked to Mr. Bledsoe, we laughed as it had been years since we talked. He said they would take a look at it. When I arrived I was surprised to see Mr. Bledsoe himself at the site. We discovered that the leak was from a newly installed air conditioning unit on the roof and was not due to the roof itself. Mr. Bledsoe made the repair to stop the leak anyway and did it at no charge. This was nearly 15 years after Bledsoe did their initial work. I was expecting him to charge me something but he did not. God continue to bless them. I thought I would share this experience.
Ingrid Sipong
· Apr 24
I use Bledsoe International to take care of the roof leaks on my investment properties. They do an excellent job and their prices are very reasonable. The men are always professional.