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Erica Garcia
· Mar 18
Great service. Great coins. Great staff. What more could you want?
Mary Radford
· Mar 13
One of the leaders in the precious metals industry. I recommend giving them a call!
Robert Emmons
· Mar 13
Saw their commercials on youtube and decided to give them a call. I love the new WW2 coin I now have at my home.
Corey Warner
· Mar 12
Scared about this virus, U.S. Money Reserved helped me protect my wealth before the government came chasing after my money!
Cleo Sawyer
· Mar 12
Account Manager was very friendly. He helped me find the coins I needed
Carmen Moore
· Mar 09
10 out of 10 gold coin service right here. Super needed in a day and age where everyone is so selfish.
Jessica Daniels
· Mar 09
USMR offers a diverse collection of coins from around the world and different time periods. My portfolio is looking awesome after working with them.
Emma Humphrey
· Mar 09
These are the gold gurus of Texas. I recommend seeing them for all of your coin-related needs
Marie Nelson
· Mar 08
I've tried to buy gold coins over the phone before, and everyone I talked to only cared about scamming me for more of my money. However, I have been nothing but impressed since I started working with US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve staff is extremely professional. They only care about making you happy. The profit for them comes 2nd to the customer experience
Lauren Scott
· Mar 08
The staff at US Money Reserve is very kind and knowledgeable when it comes to gold, silver, and platinum, They politely answered all of the questions I had about finding to perfect coin to gift to my grandparents.
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