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Don't wait till it is too late to think healthy! Build a life on a foundation of healthy clean water.

last updated: June 10, 2020


Providing safer, filtered, healthy water for you to drink in bathe in. Healthy Water ...... Healthy Life....

The simple act of taking a shower and what the ramifications are to you and your family. According to Doctor Julian Andelman, Professor of Water Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Health, both the heat of your shower and the large surface-to-volume ratio of small drops of water intensify the vaporization, the hazard increases. In fact, his test results show that showers can free up a large percentage of toxic chemicals into the air. Chlorine, TCE, chloroform and VOC’s are ju...

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filtering and purifying equipment
carbon tower filtering systems
ion exchange equipment
purification reagents
reverse osmosis systems (water purifying)
water treatment equipment
water filters
ultraviolet water purification equipment
magnetic water purifying devices
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  • Location TypeSingle Location
  • Year Established2003
  • Annual Revenue Estimate$1 to 2.5 million
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  • Employees5 to 9
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Stephen Russo
· Dec 27
Pat Boudreaux September 18 at 5:12pm My family has had one of these water systems installed in our home for almost 10 years. The system performs just as advertised. We have had the water professionally tested and the results have backed up the claims. On the two occasions when we had an issue, Steve immediately came to remedy the situation. Great product and great service.
Updated Sep 02