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Chicken and Quail Hatchery

At The Georgia Mad Hatcher we make it our business to provide you with the best in quality birds and hatching eggs that you'll really enjoy. As a family, we have been in the hatchery business for over 20 years with experience in not only chickens and quail, but also in exotic fowl. Since moving to Hawkinsville, Georgia 8 years ago, we have been steadily increasing our stock and will continue to grow. We are taking the time and care to provide you with a variety of day-old chicks and hatching eggs. At this time are stock is made up of the Red Star, Black Star, Americana (The Easter Egg), Golden Buffs, Barred Rock, California White, Welsummer, Jumbo Brown quail, and Texas A&M White Quail.

What We Offer
Golden Buffs Live Chicks Pullets

Golden Buffs Live Chicks Pullets

They lay loads of large brown eggs are extremely hardy, and have a calm disposition that make them easy to handle and less aggressive with children.

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Black-Star Live Chicks Pullets

Black-Star Live Chicks Pullets

Black Stars are a crossbreed that was specifically bred to produce a large number of eggs. This allows for visual identification of pullets and roosters.

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California White chicks

California White chicks

The "Egg Laying Machine". They will lay 300+ eggs a year and are one of the most popular commercial egg layers.

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The Georgia Mad Hatcher
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The Georgia Mad Hatcher
109 Fuller Rd
Hawkinsville, GA 31036
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  • We are open Monday thru Thursday. Please call ahead for Holiday hours and availability. Website support is 24/7.

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  • Byron Cotton
    I bought 15 Salmon Faverolle one day old chicks last April. The chicks were healthy and grew off well. Ben was very courteous and friendly and the grounds and the hatching building were very well kept. I will be picking up a second order In a few days.
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  • rick shoupe
    picked up 10 birds today great service very knowledgeable and healthy birds will be back to get more in a couple weeks so anyone looking to start or add to your flock give them a visit 5 stars !!!!!!!!!!! the shoupes and 2 row farms tifton ga
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