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Our philosophy is to provide quality, gentle, and professional dental care. We believe in patient education and customizing procedures for our patien

History Edit Established in 2012 Lifeworks Dental started welcoming patients in May 2012. Dr. Tran and Dr. Nguyen wanted to practice dentistry their way. They wanted to be able to spend time with and dedicate personal attention to each patient. Although it is a new business, Dr. Tran and Dr. Nguyen hope to become a part of the community in future years. Come and let us take care of your family. Meet the Business Owner: Dr. Kini T. A graduate from NOVA Southeastern University College of De...

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Kini Tran
· Aug 09
It's not easy to find a dentist that you trust. So my mom asked me to come along to her dental appointment, and I was reluctant to go because I didn't want to drive. But hey, its my mom, so I ended up going with her. What did she needed to have done? some fillings This office was in a nice shopping center sort of on the opposite side of Ikea. What I liked: The office: -This office is super nice. Its so clean that you can basically eat off any surface. All the instruments looked clean and were in sterilized bags. -The bathroom was super nice too(hey if a bathroom is clean, that means the rest of the place is clean) -Front desk was really nice and greeting both of us. They offered us a drink while I waited for my mom -Digitial xrays and big screen lcd tv were available The dentist: -Dr. Tran treated my mom and she said he was so nice. He addressed her concerns and she did not feel any pain when getting numb. She got 3 fillings that I couldn't even tell they were fillings. I spoke to him briefly just to make sure everything was okay, and his voice and demeanor was very calm which is good in a dentist! He took time to explain to me what was going on and I really appreciated that. -Dr. Tran and his staff were very nice and did not try to sell my mom on extra things, and even advised my mom to hold off and monitor certain teeth and re-evaluate them in a couple of months. I was so impressed at the professionalism and honesty of this office. My mom is very picky and is really
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