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Space clearing is the process of clearing out old energy from a home, business or any space. This process allows a place to feel comfortable.

Welcome to Space Divine. We are committing to offering in depth transformation of all types of spaces. We send our blessings. Like people, many things can leave a fingerprint in a place. These imprints can accumulate through memories, emotions and intense experiences. This can cause a space to feel stagnant, depressed and uneasy. At times apprehension and trepidation may dominate, which can stem from entities or ghosts inhabiting the area. The land a place is situated upon can also be a...

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  • Space Divine
  • San Francisco, CA 94109
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  • Location Typeunknown
  • Year Established2011
  • Annual Revenue Estimateunknown
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  • Employees2 to 4
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stacy byird
· May 30
I hired space divine to come into my home and do a clearing. I had recently purchased a new house and my family and I were having trouble feeling comfortable there. I work from home and in the new house I could not seem to get any work done; I could not find any inspiration. My son was having a hard time sleeping and he felt scared a lot at night. Liv and Anais came in and I was able to talk to them and walk them through the house. They were very calm and professional and seemed confident they could help. I came home to new feeling home. It felt light and like my own space. I was able to find inspiration and continue to work from home. My son felt better as well and was able to sleep. I highly recommend space divine for anyone who is looking for space clearing. I will call on Liv Wheeler and Anais Szabo again to clear my home. -Stacy Byird
Updated Sep 04
Grace Stinson
· Jun 04
My friend told me about Anais and Liv with Space Divine after I was talking to her about feeling like I needed a change. I had been living in my place for 4 years and even though the home is so beautiful, overlooking the bay, I always seemed to feel uneasy there. It had even gotten to the point that I was considering moving. Something was so unsettling for me about my place. I couldn't quite pin point what it was. Anais and Liv came into my place. They took the time to really listen to what my concerns were and seemed to understand what I couldn't even describe in words. I felt like my home was in good hands with them. I really felt like they cared about what I had been going through. I left for the better part of the day while they were working on clearing my space. They called me when it was time for me to return. When I returned I was actually quite amazed. I knew something had changed for good. I walked through my home and finally started to feel settled. I can't explain what made me feel that way but something was helping me to feel settled at home. It's amazing that a place can seem so different after less than a day! I feel so grateful that I found out about these women and the work they do. I will definitely recommend them again. They were kind, caring and focused about what they were doing. They even left me with flowers at my entry way! What a nice touch. Thank you Space Divine! G. Stinson
Updated Sep 04