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We are Southwest Chicagoland based law firm assisting people and businesses in dealing with tax, bankruptcy, debt relief, real estate and criminal

We are Southwest Chicagoland based law firm assisting people and businesses in dealing with tax, bankruptcy, debt relief, real estate and criminal issues. We are committed to providing our clients the highest quality personalized service. Whether it is IRS tax problems or debt issues, where IRS agents or debt collectors are constantly harassing you, we understand why you are worried, and we know just how worried you should be. When you are dealing with IRS or creditors, it is best to work wit...

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jesse ling
· Mar 17
I had a complex tax issue involving both IRS and Federal taxes,what a mess!This firm was polite,accommodating and had it taken care of fast.I highly recommend them.
Updated Sep 04
Mark Erwin
· Jul 13
I was referred to Thomas W. Lynch and Associates over a year ago, but had not built up enough nerves to contact them until recently. After spending countless hours reading reviews and researching I crossed firm after firm that was more concerned with start-up money than actually helping me as a client. On one occasion one law firm made me fill out my own paperwork on paper that looked like it was created by a high school student. As if thebstress of decidingbrobfile bankruptcy is not enough I was overwhelmed and frustrated by all of these experiences. Finally, I found myself walking through the door of Thomas Lynch's firm ready for my appointment with attorney Laxmi Sarathy with about 20 questions that I had prepared from different websites online. Right away the experience and atmosphere was different. Laxmi went through all of the paperwork I brought with me and wrote all of the information down on a packet that looked like an official document. Laxmi answered all of my questions before I even had a chance to ask them and made me feel cared for. I was much more relaxed with her calming personality. To say that she is knowledgeable about bankruptcy law is an understatement. At the conclusion of the consultation, with a big sigh of relief, I decided to put my money down to get the process started. I was introduced to Laxmi’s assistant Julanne, who is also extremely knowledgeable, has been a huge help in this process. I am very happy that I came to Thomas Lynche!
Updated Sep 04
LaVerne Davis
· Apr 11
We were in search for an attorney for both business and personal matters, and met the Team at their Hickory Hills location. They approached our concerns with a certain confidence, all the while maintaining a down to earth persona. They gave sound advice in how to approach our situation, that would benefit us, and followed thru with perfect execution! My husband and I believe that this could have only happened because of their experience in this area as Subject Matter Experts!! Thomas, Laxmi and Juanne make and excellent team, and we are very grateful to have found their services!! Going forward, we will refer anyone who is need of this type of legal assistance to Thomas W. Lynch and Associates!! Sincerely, LaVerne Davis
Updated Sep 04