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Danni Monroe
· Mar 12
My mom has been in too much stress lately because of the pest infestation at home. Though she cleans her bedroom daily, she is still itching. I knew it that bedbugs has been in her linen and couches. I called Bed Bugs, Etc. Pest Control in Philadelphia and they are really the best solution. They inspected her entire home, located the bedbug places and treated the infestation. They also replaced her bedding that saved her much time. There is no other company that can you this very good service. It's only Bed Bugs, Etc. Pest Control.
Updated Sep 04
Jordan Veney
· Jul 07
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!! I fully believe in my heart that if I was the owner of a large corporate account or even if I was getting my whole house sprayed, they would have jumped through hoops to rectify their wrongs against me. Instead, they dismissed me in my time of greatest need. If I could have gotten rid of the bugs myself, I would have, but instead I called "professional" to help and they did not live up to their expectations. IF I COULD RATE THEM ZERO STARS I WOULD!!!!!!!! I contacted this company on a Wednesday to schedule service to take care of a bed bug problem I had solely in my bedroom. Earliest I could get was a week later. I set my appointment and THEY NEVER SHOWED! I spoke to the owner who said there was nothing he could do and that he could give me the phone number to another company to use if I didn't want to wait until Monday for bed bug service. THE STAFF WAS VERY VERY UNHELPFUL AND LACKED EMPATHY FOR THE WRONGS THEY COMMITTED. DO NOT USE BED BUGS, ETC!!! YOU WILL WASTE TIME AND MONEY!!! YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF AN EMERGENCY YOU HAVE!!!
Updated Sep 04
dj muffin
· Jul 08
Thanks Jalil! Had them come out to treat my bed bug problem. The treatment took about an hour and a half but the technician was incredibly thorough. Price was much better than a couple other places I called too. Highly recommend them and very thankful for a good nights rest
Updated Sep 04
Jerstin Egrey
· Mar 25
I used this company for a flea problem. Their free is very affordable and that includes two visits. That's a very great deal. They can in on time and gave us some tips in handling the chemicals so they are really caring too. We will absolutely call them again.
Updated Sep 04
Demitri Alberts
· Mar 15
I would not resort to hiring a professional of these pests did not cause harm to my kids. I did not realize that the bites on their skin are all caused by bed bugs but when I saw them scratching while they sleep or while they are sitting on the couch, I figured it out. Then I called Bugs, Etc. Pest Control. They are very trustworthy and they make very detailed cleaning in our house. It was my first time but I will definitely call again if these pests try to rebuild its colony in my house again. Recommended!.
Updated Sep 04