Ceiling Fan Installation Costs in Kansas City, MO in 2019

Min Cost $446.00
Avg Cost $560.00
Max Cost $675.00

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Ventilation is always important. Nothing beats a constant stream of wind that can cool down the hot heads and tired bodies inside a home. There are quite many times where someone, under the relentless heat of a summer afternoon, looked up at an empty ceiling and wished to have a ceiling fan installed. Purchasing one is difficult, with quite a selection, the expensive prices, and of course the painstakingly careful transportation. What is more difficult, however, is the installation. As everyone may already know, anything that requires electricity, such as a ceiling fan, needs an outlet for it to be plugged into. Not only that, but you still have to bore holes and refurbish the roof to allow the ceiling fan installation in Kansas City.

Ceiling Fan Installation Jackson County Costs

Knowing the ceiling fan installation Kansas City costs is recommended before starting a ceiling fan installation project. While looking at national averages can give a general idea, such numbers usually do not include factors which may affect the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs and any local permits required for the Kansas City ceiling fan installation project.

As our numbers show in 2019 average cost that homeowners paid for ceiling fan installation in Jackson county is between $446.00 and $675.00.

This Ceiling Fan Installation Kansas City Quote Includes:

  1. $446.00 to $675.00 per fan material costs.
  2. Average labor costs to install ceiling fans in Kansas City, Missouri.
  3. Average costs for materials and equipment for ceiling fan installation in Kansas City.
  4. All project costs (surface preparation, components and machinery), and cleanup fees.

This Kansas City Ceiling Fan Installation Estimate Does NOT Include:

  1. Any permits required for ceiling fan installation Kansas City projects.
  2. Inspection and/or Kansas City building fees.
  3. Materials and supply Jackson and Missouri sales taxes.
  4. Materials and supply Kansas City sales taxes.
  5. Any general contractor fees, if used for the project. Such fees generally add another $67.20-$84.00 to the total.

For reference it may be helpful to compare the costs from surrounding towns as well:

That is why at Manta, there are more than enough experts to do it for you. With professional handymen and up-to-date equipment, there is absolutely no way for the Kansas City ceiling fan installation to be botched. Efficiency seems to be their motto, as they work quickly and aptly to get your new fan up and working as fast as possible. Best of all, affordability has become a growing trend, and you’d be more than happy to know that all it takes is a bit of cash, and the ceiling fan installation in Kansas City will be done for you.

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FAQ for Ceiling Fan Installation in Kansas City

How long will it take for a ceiling fan installation in Kansas City to be completed?

There are many kinds of ceiling fan models today. Each greatly differs from one another. The duration of installation will most likely depend on this factor. If your ceiling fan model needs some unique mounting device or has special requirements to be mounted to your ceiling, it would take some time to have it installed. You also need to consider the wiring setup for your ceiling fan. If electrical wirings have already been placed to accommodate your fan, it would be easier. However, if the wirings have to be set, it might also affect the installation time.

How will ceiling fan installation in Kansas City help in reducing my energy consumption bill?

Ceiling fan installation in Kansas City can have a huge impact in your energy consumption. A ceiling fan consumes less energy as compared to any cooling unit or air conditioner. If the weather condition is warm, you can just use it as an alternative to your air conditioner. You will only be using your cooling unit if the temperature is unbearably hot. By doing so, you are reducing your energy consumption and saving a lot in your energy bill.

Can I do ceiling fan installation in Kansas City on my own?

This is a normal question that will depend on your knowledge of electrical wirings and ceiling fan installation in Kansas City. If you have enough knowledge to place wirings and mount electrical devices on walls and ceilings, then you can very much install your own ceiling fan. However, if you have zero knowledge about the task, it is best that you let the professionals do it for you. Remember that these kind of fans are mounted on ceilings. If you fail to do it correctly, there is a big possibility that it will fall off and cause harm to you and your family or any of your belongings.
Last updated: 07-26-2018

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