Kammann Sausage

German sausage introduced to America in early 1900s by Kammann family.


The sausage recipe started in Germany, and came to America via the Kammann family, first to Wisconsin and then to Yuma. The Walt Kammann Sausage Fry started in 1958 as the “International Buffet,” which was a competition between Yuma’s Rotary clubs to see who could create the best meal. Walt Kammann’s German sausages consistently won the Most Outstanding Course category. Originally, family members ground the meat and hand-twisted every single sausage. As the event grew, Rotarian, Don Olsen, was handed the production of the sausages at his Olsens Marketplace meat department.
Yuma Rotary officials served more than 2,000 pounds of meat, which is about 8,000 links of sausage at the 2016 Walt Kammann Sausage Fry.
Kammann sausage can be found on the menus of local Yuma restaurants such as Brownies Café, The Garden Café, Prison Hill Brewing Company, Takos and Beer, and Lutes Casino.

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