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4 Ways to Make Your Business Family Friendly for the Summer

by Madeline Thatcher

Summer is a great time of the year to encourage family bonding. With children out of school, the afternoons are now open for spending time together. However, for busy parents, this can be a struggle. Parental efforts to keep the kids entertained may mean less business for you if you don’t promote a family-friendly environment.

A little strategy can increase your chances of bringing customers through the door during the chaotic summer months. Consider these four suggestions to attract visitors of all ages.


1.      Provide Entertainment

If you can, dedicate a corner of your waiting room to classic kid activities, such as coloring books or toys. An entertained child is less likely to bother Mom or Dad when they’re trying to ask questions about your service. You may also have a jar of candies on your desk if a parent wishes to reward a patient kid.

Avoiding a child meltdown can keep a patron in your doors longer. This gives you more room to make the sale or talk up other aspects of your business. The positive experience may also encourage a repeat visit.


2.      Adjust Operating Hours

Your current hours of operation may have worked well in the winter and spring. However, summer can really throw a wrench in some adults’ usual schedules. To accommodate this change in routine, consider adjusting your hours to make it easier for visitors to come in.

If you typically run your business from 9 to 5, consider closing later. You can keep your opening time as is or delay it to make up for the extra time in the evening. These extra hours allow a stay-at-home parent to leave the kids with the working parent once he or she gets home and come to your business.

3.      Hold Promotional Events

By sponsoring or organizing a fun-filled afternoon, you can entice people who may not ordinarily think about your business. A successful summer marketing event should include activities for both kids and adults. It’s this promise that can convince parents to drop by and check it out.

With a captive crowd, you’re able to hand out coupons for your services or talk one on one with potential customers. You may even set up a table and offer free consultations to adults.

To pull this off successfully, make sure you’re doing lots of digital marketing beforehand. On the day of the event, social media shares can also be a great way to spread the word.


4.      Offer Special Discounts

It can be difficult to drum up business during the summer, making it the perfect time to share discounts. Offering your service for a little less money can be the motivator a busy parent needs to get the job done.

Attaching free inspections, quotes or consultations is also a great encouragement when finances are a bit tighter for families. During the summer, parents may be paying for childcare, activities or enrichment programs. Cutting a customer a break on some of your services may increase your chances of closing the sale.


Summer can be a slow time for some businesses, especially those that don’t usually cater to children. Think about the challenges that parents face when their children are out of school and see how you can help. Sometimes a kid-friendly area is enough to keep an antsy little one quiet. Be sure to adjust your summer marketing materials to let customers know that your environment is family friendly.

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