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4 Ways Small Grocery Stores Can Modernize Their Websites

by Holly Kemp

Grocery stores used to mainly rely on printed circulars to showcase coupons, sales, and featured products. As technology advanced, so did the way that people shop and interact through businesses. If you own a grocery store, you can use a website to your advantage to help shoppers and promote your business. 

Modernization is key to maintaining customers and providing a professional service. Check out four ways to modernize your website, compete with bigger chains, and provide a pleasant shopping experience for anyone who goes to your stores. 

1. Built-In Calculators & Budgets 

Shopping on a budget is important for many people and planning is a key element for budgeting. With a full list of available products, your website can provide built-in calculators and budgets for shoppers. A calculator app can appear on the screen and automatically add up the cost of items when customers click on them. 

The calculator is an ideal way to compare prices and create a shopping list. A customer calculator created for your website could feature your business logos and automatically include any discounts you provide. For example, you could have a senior citizen discount day that takes 5% off the purchase price. 

Once the list and calculations are made, website visitors may print the grocery list or send a digital list to their phone. 

2. Digital Coupons & Rewards 

One of the easiest ways to attract customers to your grocery store is with coupons and rewards. Make coupon access easy with digital coupon options built right into your website. Set up a system where customers make a free account and can add digital coupons to their account. When they check out in the store, a simple login will provide them with the coupons instantly. 

A digital account also allows you to send customers rewards. You can target customers with specific coupons or reward dollars after spending a specific amount. Web designers can optimize a mobile app that provides instant access to the coupons and rewards while a customer shops at your store. 

When customers sign up for a new account, you have the opportunity to add them to a newsletter as well. A newsletter subscription gives you the opportunity to send out the latest sales and help promote specific items. 

3. Updated Inventory 

A digital inventory system can link directly to your website to help with online orders. If your store offers pick-up orders or delivery, then a full list of inventory is essential for providing accurate customer information. With the inventory list, customers can search your website before they even arrive at the store so they know what they can find on the shelves. 

Along with the inventory, your website can provide easy navigation details. For example, you could provide a map of your story and the typical location of where an item is found. By providing detailed information, you have the opportunity to increase sales and build a loyal customer base. 

4. Virtual Content 

Along with shopping and grocery products, your business can provide customers with a lot of extra content. Virtual content can tie right into your groceries and create a fun way to explore different foods and items. For example, you could host a virtual cooking session on a website where employees showcase food items and some fun meals to prepare. 

Other sessions can include food health tips, product promotions, or question and answer sessions where customers interact directly with you. When you maintain a regular schedule of content, you have the opportunity to draw in new customers and build business loyalty. When they see how recipes that feature your products, they may shop at your store to purchase the products. 

Work with our professional web designers at Manta.com to help make any of these elements reality on your website. Not only can we provide the design tools, but we can also customize the layout and design to match your vision and company branding.

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