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4 Ways To Use Your Business Phone Number To Leverage Online Marketing

by Kate Morse

Even though a majority of your business may be conducted online, a business phone is essential for reaching consumers directly. You can provide access to those who may not have computer access or be tech-savvy. Did you know you could still use a business line to boost your online marketing? 

Read on to learn four ways you can take advantage of a traditional business number to help your online marketing and find new future customers.

1. Website Information and Access 

Many business lines have the option to set up automated messages when someone calls. The first part of your automated messages can include ways to access the website. You could mention some of the website features or direct users to download an official app if one is available. 

When someone searches for your company through a business directory, the number is one of the first things they see and miss out on a website or app option altogether. With the direct information given right away, many phone calls could end early and save workers time within the office. 

An automated message also gives you the opportunity to play an ad through the phone and promote certain products or services. 

2. Text Message Marketing 

Instead of listing just a voice option number for your business, give customers an option to send text messages. Text messages are a form of communication for many and you can provide direct information through your business phone number. On the voice part of the call, you can offer the option to text. Give an alternate text number if you have one. 

Through text messages, you can provide direct links to requests. For example, if you sell products online, a direct product link will help consumers find what they are looking for rather than having them do the manual search themselves. Everyone saves time in the process. 

You also have the opportunity to sign users up for promotional texts. Promotional texts allow you to send out discounts, advertisements, and special deals related directly to your business. 

3. Website Ordering Help 

Even if people have access to your website, they may need direct assistance to complete orders and check out. With a business phone line, you can help guide someone through the checkout process and even take payment over the phone if necessary. 

Website ordering help could include up-selling as well. You could recommend accessories or extra products to go along with their purchase. Any little changes could increase profits and help lead to more sales in the future. The phone service could also offer some extra discounts or promotions for users who took their time to shop with you. 

4. Message System 

Some business lines lead to a voicemail system. Through a voicemail request, you could ask callers to leave their e-mail addresses for a preferred contact method. With an e-mail address, you can answer a customer’s inquiry and provide additional information. For example, you could offer the opportunity for a customer to sign-up for a newsletter. 

The footer of your email could contain direct links to product offerings or promotions you are currently running on the website. An e-mail offers the opportunity to showcase more forms of digital content like pictures, animated GIFs, and your business branding. Visuals can have a bigger impact than audio information or text messages. 

Just simply having someone leave their e-mail address through your phone can make a huge difference. 

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