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5 Affordable Lead Generation Ideas for Small Businesses

by Daniel McKay

As a small business owner, you likely spend most of your time considering how to grow your business. Without sales, nothing else can happen. For many types of businesses, lead generation serves as the first step on the customer journey. Discover five unique lead generation ideas that businesses of smaller size can execute with no or minimal budget.

Implement Website Optimizations Designed to Capture Contact Details                  

With today’s content management systems, adding simple modal pop-ups and prompts for visitor contact information poses no difficulty for non-technical employees. Some of the more interesting on-page optimizations include:

  • Exit intent popups. These popups collect visitor contact information as soon as they attempt to close the browser tab.
  • CTA boxes within blog content. If your business already writes blog posts, then your CMS likely has the capabilities to include a call-to-action box within blog content to collect contact details from readers.
  • Add a chatbot. Chatbots constitute one additional method by which to reach anonymous site visitors. Ideally, these bots can direct visitors to a sales representative.

Use Push Notifications to Inform Site Visitors of New Updates

Many businesses incorporate this tactic as an easy way to get in front of prospects without relying on more passive techniques like content marketing.

By enabling push notifications on your website, your visitors will receive a prompt to accept notifications and, then in the future, receive updates from your business, including new service offerings, discounts, and blog articles.

Another way to use push notifications revolves around event-specific messaging. If your business plans to host a special webinar or in-person event, then a push notification can alert potential prospects.

Create Marketing Partnerships With Adjacent Businesses

With this tactic, your business can enter into an agreement with similar businesses or companies which serve the same customer base as yours. Cross-promotional partnerships often do not require large investments upfront. Additionally, a partnership can lead to further revenue opportunities down the line. 

One way to implement this tactic involves hosting podcasts and other special events and bringing in several similar businesses that all address the same audience. This approach can give your business an additional degree of authenticity and rapport.

Another way to partner with other companies involves cross-promotion through email marketing. For instance, both your business and the external partner could send marketing messages to an agreed-upon contact list.

Create Educational Video Content and Promote Via YouTube and Other Platforms

If your business focuses on a particular niche area of expertise, then instructional or otherwise educational video content can help to bring forward new business with minimal upfront marketing expense. These videos should come from your direct area of expertise. Also, be sure to emphasize the pain points your business can help to address. 

With a consistent upload schedule, businesses can reap the rewards of organic, incoming site traffic that can ultimately convert into new, paying customers. Additionally, with a small investment, your business could also promote these videos through pay-per-click advertising.

Take Advantage of Local Television Interviews

Many local television channels conduct interviews regularly with business owners in their communities. Often, these interviews require no upfront investment or cash outflows. In order to take advantage of this free exposure, you will need to establish yourself and your business as a top-tier service provider in your industry. 

For example, if your business focuses on pest control, then attempt to reach out to local networks around topics such as pest control during seasonal changes. This type of content can often generate new business. 

For more actionable advice, learn more at Manta today. We look forward to helping your small business grow, thrive, and succeed online.

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