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6 Small Business Trends to be Aware of in 2022

by Daniel McKay

The world continues to change and become increasingly uncertain as to the next thing that’s coming. Being prepared and one step ahead of your competitors in an ever changing landscape is more important going into 2022 now more than ever. Here is a list of trends we found your small business should be aware of moving into the new year that will be beneficial for your small business to incorporate.

Ecommerce Businesses Become More Popular

With individuals resorting more to staying at home, shopping online has become the new normal. Look at the biggest shopping event of the season, Black Friday. More stores have closed their doors and put their discounts and deals online for customers to view there. Companies like Amazon have become increasingly more common and popular for individuals to resort shopping to. For your small business, focus on making your shopping experience more cashless and digital. This has become more of the common way for individuals to shop so it’s important to be accessible and digital for your customers. Going into 2022, be prepared for more of your customers to shop online rather than in store. 

Personalized Artificial Intelligence

In digital marketing, personalized AI has started to become more of a popular aspect and more commonplace. In the past, most individuals would feel that AI was more robotic and less realistic. Technology has improved and has made AI better in ways of businesses talking to their customers. AI technologies such as chatbots, facial recognition, voice assistants such as Siri, fraud-detection systems, etc. can all become beneficial AI technologies to your small business. They can help answer customer questions about your small business, help navigate them where they’re wanting to go, or help them purchase something. Learn and understand how your business can benefit from using AI technologies to your customers’ benefit. 

Video Marketing Becoming More Popular

If TikTok has taught us anything in 2021, video marketing is on the rise and is more popular than ever! Especially for small businesses, video marketing is a great way for customers to view and have a good feeling about your products and services. Seeing them in a video can help display the durability, quality, and function of your products. This feature also helps your digital marketing become more attractive and appealing to your audience. It can also help you stand out against competitors. You could follow trends and put your own small business style to them or you can create your own trends for others to follow. The possibilities are endless and there’s lots of room for creativity going into 2022.

Influencer Marketing on Social Media

Influencers have become all the rage on social media. When covid hit, content changed from being things you wanted, to being more relatable. Individuals look for content that is more relatable to them and influencers have a huge impact in doing so. Influencers have gained more of an impact and power to help your small business succeed to new heights. Influencers also have the power to help your small business reach new customers that might be looking for your small business. Reach out to influencers who are in your industry or niche to help build your business’ credibility. Giving influencers free products for them to promote, can help bring in more revenue and customers. When you move into 2022, look at taking advantage of influencers in your digital marketing strategy.

Networking More Online

Networking has taken a more broad digital approach as working from home and digital events have become more commonplace. Whether it’s through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, digital events or conferences, or work activities. People are making more of an impact and newer connections through digital resources. As a small business owner, it’s important to find those connections and use them to your advantage going into the new year.

Mental Health in the Workplace

One of the most important trends that has been continuously evolving and progressing in offices is the importance of mental health in the workplace. Learning to find a new groove and way of prioritizing tasks working from home has become a new challenge for individuals to change to. Especially with the constant change and never knowing what the new future will bring, it has become more stressful in the workplace. That’s why it’s important for your small business to recognize your employees health and well being as things continue and become more stressful in the new year.

Moving Into the New Year

Now that we’ve listed some important small business digital marketing factors to consider, it’s time for your business to incorporate them. Find which ones will help benefit and excel your business to the next level going into the new year. You don’t want to be behind your competition and having these factors will help your small business succeed.

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