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7 Ways to Increase The Visibility of Your Online Health Care Service

by David Trounce

Healthcare services face various restrictions when trying to advertise their services online. Two of the most mainstream advertising platforms, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, have policy restrictions against advertising healthcare products or services. 

These same policies made it difficult for businesses in the healthcare industry to reach their target audience, especially when needed most during the COVID era.  

Thankfully, there are other ways to market online healthcare services, which we will be discussing below.  

Open a Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a must-have for companies of all sizes. When you create an account and register your business, you’re putting your basic business information out for prospects to see.

This free service allows you to pin your location on Google Maps, input your hours of operation, contact number, link to your website, and more.  

With this account, visitors can search for your business name directly or click on your website or directions button when your facility shows up in search. 

You can also include your company logo and photos of your business so that visitors know what to expect when they get there. 

Post Updates on Google My Business

Aside from the primary business information, Google My Business also provides other features to increase your activity on the website. 

You can post updates, including time-limited promotions, upcoming events, and new product launches. 

Google My Business enables you to create and update posts just like you would on any other social media platform. 

Prospects can also leave reviews and questions for your business, and your replies can then be seen by anyone looking at your Google My Business page. 

Your customers may also post their photos of your business on your page. Just like tagging your friends in an Instagram post, your customers can take pictures, screenshots, or other digital media related to your business and post them to show other prospects what they can expect.  

Create a Facebook Business Page

It’s the age of social media. Online healthcare services ranging from dentistry to plastic surgery are all maintaining an active social media presence now.  

Some prospects will even visit your Facebook page to check out your reviews and send you a few inquiries via direct messaging before they decide to schedule an appointment. 

To start, you can post about any changes in your operating hours, how your prospects can get started with your online services or schedule an appointment, and anything else related to monthly promotions.  

You can also host Facebook Live sessions to educate the public on topics related to your services.

Live sessions and Facebook events can be discovered by people nearby, enhancing your visibility online. 

Just make sure that you’re able to check in and promptly reply to your prospect’s comments or questions. 

Write Informative Blog Articles

Not many people are exempt from searching their health symptoms on Google before looking for a healthcare professional. 

Write blog posts or articles based on frequently-asked-questions related to your services. Include a blog section on your website and cite trusted sources whenever you include statistics or data. 

These informative or educational blog articles are essential because they will increase your prospects’ confidence in your knowledge, experience, and skills.  

At the same time, you are also providing more information for search engines to process, which will boost your SEO rankings in the long run.  

Take some time to research the topics your customers would be more concerned about, and answer their questions with relevant data, infographics, studies, or any other reliable information sources. 

Encourage Reviews

Reviews are essential for all businesses, but they are even more crucial for you because healthcare is a personal choice. Potential customers will want to see what others say about your practice making a decision.  

Invite your customers to leave you a review on your Facebook page, website, or even on your Google My Business page, preferably beyond just star ratings.  

You can also provide your customers with some incentives for leaving you a review, such as by giving a discount code for their next visit or consultation session.  

Whether you’re receiving positive or negative reviews, take some time to respond to them. This is a simple but effective way to make your patients feel heard and understood. 

The way you handle negative reviews will also matter. Acknowledge your patients’ issues, and communicate with them either via a direct phone call, an online meeting, or any other methods to find a workaround or a way to compensate them for their troubles.

Partner with Clinical Leaders

Just as fashion businesses may collaborate with models and photography studios to enhance their online visibility, your online healthcare services can also partner with key opinion leaders in the healthcare industry. 

You can host a webinar with the clinical leaders as guest speakers or show yourself attending a talk with these industry leaders. 

Customers who follow the industry news closely will recognize who you’re partnering with and know that you’re at least prestigious enough to be able to partner with these experts. 

Prospects who are not familiar with the industry leaders may still tune in to learn something new about their health, and you can also take some time to introduce who you’re with in the online events.  

You can even partner with businesses similar to yours to enhance your visibility online. Prospects who only knew about your competitors will be able to learn about you through this partnership. 

Keep Your Website Active & Updated

All the promotions in the world will not lead to good results if you don’t maintain the most important digital asset that you have – your online website. 

This is where your prospects will find more information about your business, healthcare services, practitioners, and more.  

For example, if you’re a dental practice, you’ll want to invest in dental practice SEO to boost your organic search rankings on Google and other search engines.  

Your website SEO will influence how easily your prospects will come across your website while searching for services you provide.  

So, implement your site SEO, and keep updating your site content to match the SEO requirements.

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