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by Ashlie Hannah

Manta provides informative small business insights to a broad audience, while also giving business owners collective data to help with their strategy and decision-making.

Through email surveys, online polls and social media feedback, we’re consistently gauging and tracking small business perspectives and trends. Beyond our biannual Small Business Wellness Index (released in January and June), we connect with small business owners about key topics, such as marketing, technology and operations, as well as other timely issues such as politics, on a regular basis.

Manta data is frequently utilized by research and media partners for external publications, while the Manta team focuses on delivering insights into implications for small businesses. Whether initiated by us or by partners, these efforts are always designed to promote awareness around the small business sector and the overall impact of small businesses—while encouraging interest and conversation.

Our research doesn’t only shed light on the small business sector, but it also produces interesting data that directly informs owners and staff. We endeavor to use these findings as a springboard for developing relevant resources—such as articles, newsletters and online events—that provide a broad view coupled with simple and actionable advice.

Please contact us if you are interested in conducting joint research, and be sure to view highlights from our latest reports.

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