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How to Attract Repeat Visitors to Your Website

by Eddison Wilcox

Are you trying to get more people to come back to your website instead of just viewing it once and then forgetting about it? Many website owners concentrate on increasing the number of visits to their site. However, they often overlook returning visitors that have already been exposed to their brand and are more likely to convert. 

In this article, we’ll discuss our tried-and-true techniques to boost your return visitor rate. 

Build an Email List 

Email is an excellent method to stay in touch with your audience and encourage them to return to your website. You can engage customers with valuable content, help them remember your brand, and even push deals to increase sales. But how do you persuade people to sign up to your email list? 

Offer a Lead Magnet 

A lead magnet is a valuable free item that solves one of your visitor’s problems. It showcases the value they can get if they subscribe to your company’s email list or do business with you. Some lead magnet ideas are: 

Free trial subscriptions 





PDF e-books 



Use email marketing software to manage your growing list. You can track your email open rates and optimize your content to bring visitors back to your site. 

Use Social Media 

Every month, billions of people spend their time browsing social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. A website like LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active users, and it’s an excellent option for many businesses targeting other businesses or business professionals. You can create infographics, videos, short content, or even polls that will be seen by your visitors and encourage them to come back every time you share a post.

Use Push Notifications 

Push notifications pop up in a browser to direct the customer to your site. They boast a click-through rate that is four times higher than email. Like emails, push notifications should be used strategically. Send too many messages, and you can come off as spammy. Instead, use notifications when you have something valuable to deliver to the user to show that you value their time. 

Post Content Consistently 

Make people want to come back by consistently posting valuable content. If they become a fan of yours, they may come back on their own to check for updates. Producing more content gives you more chances to warm them up and sell them on why they should convert. Leverage your email list, push notifications, and social media to promote your content. 

Reward Repeat Customers 

Launch a loyalty program by providing unique benefits, prizes, or members-only content that they get to access. Other loyalty incentives include rewarding them with: 

Exclusive Offers 



Free Shipping 


People enjoy feeling special, like they are part of a community. You can create your community of repeat visitors by rewarding their loyalty. 

Optimize User Experience 

If your website is not responsive, has a clunky old design, or is confusing to visitors, they will not only bounce but will have no reason to come back. Perform user testing to catch poor user experience so that it doesn’t discourage users. Make sure that you’re attracting the right customers so that you’re solving the right problems for the right people. 

Get Customer Feedback 

Set up a survey software on your site to gather feedback. Ask for suggestions about your website, services, or even products they received. 

Customers often reach out via social media platforms. Manage that feedback just like survey data. Be sociable and reply when people comment on your posts. Also, always consider negative feedback, as the customer might point out a significant issue that was missed during user testing. If you need some help attracting repeat visitors to your website, we’ve got you covered.

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