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Do You Need Business Owners Insurance?

by State Farm

Forbes describes insurance for business owners as a safety net, but they also report more than two thirds lack this kind of comprehensive coverage. Most business owners opt out of insurance because of the cost. However, there’s one big problem with rolling the dice and hoping for the best. It is a high-risk cost-cutting strategy. This could cost you your business it if fails.


Benefits of Business Insurance

A monthly insurance premium may not always seem like the best investment option. However, having an insurance policy is more than just protection for potential liabilities. Businesses actually stand to gain from the additional protection. We’ll show you why it’s more beneficial to see what business insurance offers rather than what you can lose without it.

  1. Peace of Mind: Your workers and your customers can feel more confident that you’ll remain in business even in the most catastrophic instances. You can sleep better at night knowing your livelihood is better protected with business insurance
  2. Protection from Theft: As a business owner, insurance will not save your business from the risk of theft. You still need security measures in place, from strong passwords to video surveillance. However, in the event that these protective measures fail and you suffer a covered loss, you can recover more quickly.


Protect Your Business

Small business owners focus most intensely on revenue and expenses to build a thriving company. Viewing insurance as an expense, many owners decide not to purchase a business owners insurance policy. However, in the event of a covered loss, the policy can help protect you from needing to fund your recovery entirely out of pocket.

State Farm provides policies that you can customize to suit different business types. These include retailers, food shops and artisan contractors.  Visit this webpage for more information: StateFarm.com/small-business-solutions/insurance/business-owners-policies.

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