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by Ashlie Hannah


Created and targeted automatically from the info you provide in your Manta Business Page, ads are displayed to customers searching Manta for local businesses like yours. Your ads appear on competitor and other local Manta pages. Businesses using Manta Ads are seen by hundreds more customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Creates and targets your ads automatically based on the information in your Manta Business Page
  • Ads begin serving within minutes of subscribing
  • Ads appear on competitor profiles
  • 20 million potential customers visit Manta every month. Manta Ads help you get in front of local customers looking for businesses like yours.

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How Manta Ads Work

Manta Ads use the keywords and categories in your Manta Business Pages to target local customers looking for your products or services. Ads automatically update based on your page information.

Manta Ads are optimized based on customer search behavior. Your ads are shown to the most relevant customers to deliver high-quality leads.

We send you weekly visibility emails that include the number of times your business page and ad were seen by potential customer. You can also check your ad stats anytime by selecting the STATS option on your business page dashboard.


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$99 / MONTH

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see my Manta Ads?
Customers who came to Manta looking for a product or service similar to yours and users near your location. We use the information in your Manta profile to match you with local customers who come to Manta searching for the products like yours.

How many times will my ad appear?
Your Manta Ad will appear to relevant local customers based on the package you purchased. For example, “Premium Profile + Essentials” subscribers receive 500 views of their ad each month.

What will my ad look like?
Your Manta Ad is automatically created based on the information you provide in your business page. It includes your logo, address, phone number and short description. To change your ad, simply update this information. You can see a preview of your ad in the “EDIT” view of your business page.

How will I know how many times my profile or ad has been seen?
We send weekly visibility emails to businesses with Manta Ads that include the number of times your business page and ad were seen by potential customers. You can also check your stats anytime by selecting the “STATS” option on your profile dashboard.

When will my ads begin appearing?
Your ads will be eligible to appear to customers the moment you upgrade to Manta Ads so you can start promoting your business right away.

Will competitor ads appear on my profile?
No. One of the benefits of Manta Ads is that it includes a premium business profile, which removes advertising of any kind from your Manta business page, including competitors’ ads. This keeps all of the attention on your business whenever potential customers visit you on Manta.

Which pages on Manta will my ad appear on?
Your Manta Ad may appear anywhere on Manta where it could be seen by potential local customers, including on your competitors’ pages and other local business pages. The only place your ad won’t appear is on another business page with a premium profile.

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