4 Quick Ways to Add Temp Staff During Busy Seasons

By Carie Ferg, Manta Contributor - June 1, 2016

4 Quick Ways to Add Temp Staff During Busy Seasons

Solutions for adding staff when you need more seasonal laborers.


Some small businesses have busy seasons: Think landscapers in the spring and summer. This creates a need to recruit short-term workers. But finding reliable and skilled temporary employees can be a challenge.

There are tactics small business owners can use to recruit seasonal workers that won’t disappoint. Bryan Eaves, partner at Sourcing Business Solutions, offered these ideas for business owners looking to add reliable temporary staff.

  • Implement a referral program. Small referral bonuses are a great way to ensure you hire quality temp candidates, since employees will be putting their own reputations on the line along with their recommendations. “Provide a $100 bonus to employees that refer a temp worker that is hired and completes eight weeks of work,” Eaves recommended.
  • Prepare and plan. Since most temp workers are hired during predictably high-demand seasons, use your non-busy periods to plan, advised Eaves. “Too many companies do not plan properly and have to take almost anyone to fill their needs at the last minute,” he said.
  • Offer retention bonuses. Giving a bonus to temp employees after they’ve completed a period of time can guarantee they are motivated to stay with your company as long as you need them. Such benefits will also help you maintain a roster of on-call temp workers who like your company and will come work for you in a pinch.
  • Recruit from local colleges. Campuses are an ideal recruiting ground because “many students want to work, have flexible schedules, and are potential future employees,” Eaves said. Contact the administrative office of your local college campus in order to get your job posting in front of students. Many colleges also host on-campus job fairs that can help local employers connect with seasonal employees.