The Easy Way to Boost Paid Search Ads & Get More Sales

By Brooke Preston, Manta Contributor - March 7, 2018

The Easy Way to Boost Paid Search Ads & Get More Sales

With Ad Variations, you can test different versions of Google AdWords campaigns and get the most from your paid search budget.

If you’ve ever invested in a paid search campaign, you know that not every ad is created equal. Some phrases hit just right with customers, while others fall flat — the difference of a single word can mean thousands of dollars in sales.

For example, will your particular audience respond better to an ad that includes the words “buy now” or “learn more”? How can you ensure you’re spending your paid search budget on only the most effective ads?

The solution is “Ad Variations,” a feature in Google AdWords that lets you try out different ads to find the one that works best — and makes the most sales.

With Ad Variations you can easily create, test and implement different versions of your ads across multiple campaigns. You can monitor the performance of each and tweak your campaigns to find the ad that best reaches your customers.

How do you set up Ad Variations in Google AdWords?

  • First, select the scope of your test: entire account, specific campaigns, or custom.
  • Next, create the variation: Find and replace the keywords you want to test.
  • Lastly, set other variation details, including the end date of your test and what percent of traffic sees which variation.
  • Once the variations go live, you can view the results anytime and apply changes to your Google AdWords campaigns.

Not sure where to begin? Try experimenting with two or three specific variations of your headline or call to action (CTA) to see what resonates with your audience. Do you get more sales from Headline A or Headline B? This way, you can discontinue less-effective ads and invest your paid search budget in the campaigns that perform best.

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