Showcase Your Community Service on Social Media

By Ivy Lamb, Manta Content Editor - November 7, 2016

Showcase Your Community Service on Social Media

Show customers that your small business cares about more than just the bottom line by posting your volunteer activities on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers. It builds an image of your small business online—potential customers can look at your Facebook page or Instagram profile and get a feel for your company’s values.

And if your small business values include giving back through community service, you should absolutely post about it on your social media channels!

“In addition to feeling good about doing good, it’s also about letting people know what you’re doing,” said Shaun Walker, co-founder of HEROfarm, a marketing and PR agency with a focus on social responsibility. “It’s like any other marketing campaign. It shows customers that your company cares about people, and values more than just money.”

Not sure what to share? Walker recommends getting some candid shots of yourself and your employees volunteering for a cause you care about. “For example, a lot of our moms have experienced breast cancer, and that’s one of the reasons we support the American Cancer Society,” Walker said. In the past, HEROfarm employees have joined a group of volunteers to bring food to cancer patients in a local hospital.

Afterwards, you can post the photos to Instagram and Facebook with a caption, or create a video slideshow with information about the organization you’ve chosen to support. This shows people that your business puts its values into practice, and sets you apart from your competition.