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Small Businesses Kicked off Followers’ Facebook Feeds

by Ashlie Hannah

With a new focus on posts from friends and family, Facebook makes it much harder for small businesses to reach customers on social media.

Facebook is at it again! Just when you thought you had figured out how to connect with customers, the social media giant has radically changed what it shows in users’ newsfeeds — making it harder than ever to reach your own followers.

Facebook newsfeeds will soon become more personal, with users seeing more posts from family and friends. What they won’t see are posts from small businesses, brands and media outlets. It’s an attempt by Facebook to cut the clutter and emphasize “meaningful social interactions” and “personal moments.”

Despite the shift in focus, Facebook remains an essential outlet for small business marketing. The social network counts more than 2 billion users, including 68% of U.S. adults. Those are your customers, and you need to reach them on the channels they use most.

The full impact this has on companies’ social media marketing strategies will be sorted out in the coming weeks and months. But in the meantime, there are some ways you can continue to maximize your presence on Facebook:

  • Post fresh, relevant content. “Salesy” content that only promotes your business contributes to the clutter Facebook is trying to eliminate. You should always post content that interesting and useful to followers, such as advice or helpful videos they might share with their friends.
  • Join or create groups. Facebook Groups are made up of users who share a common interest. You can join or create groups related to your industry, neighborhood, or topics of local interest like a community festival. Don’t spam these groups with sales messages; instead, share your expertise (such as auto shop owner posting advice in a group of car repair hobbyists) or just demonstrate that you’re an active member of the community who shares your customers’ interests.
  • Schedule timely events. Creating an Event on Facebook is another way to reach followers beyond standard posts, and because they’re timely, Events tend to get prominent placement in users’ newsfeeds. If you have a storefront location, you can invite followers to events like open houses, special sales, or in-store performances by local musicians.
  • Review your ad budget. Even before the change, it was difficult to get business content in front of followers without spending to promote it. You might consider increasing your budget for Facebook Ads and boosted posts, but keep a close eye on the results and only spend on messages that resonate with customers.

Most important, make sure your social interactions emphasize the authentic connections you have with customers. This is where small business owners have a huge advantage over corporate brands. You are a member of your customers’ community. You probably know many of your customers personally. If Facebook wants to focus on “meaningful social interactions,” you should make sure your small business is meaningful to your customers.

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