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Miami Probate Attorney Susan E. Durre

Knowing what to do with a loved ones will or estate is far from common sense. After taking a look at the court paperwork and process, your mind is literally exhausted and that is the last thing that you need when dealing with the affairs of your deceased loved one. That is why with Susan E. Durre at the helm, you can be assured of that personal family touch with your case. When you obtain the services of Susan, you aren't just procuring one of the most experienced probate attorneys in Miami, you are gaining a professional level of service that you can't get anywhere else. Don't hesitate to contact Miami Probate Attorney Susan E. Durre today to set up a consultation.

What We Offer
probate, estate planning
Susan E. Durre
Phone: (305) 444-4042
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Susan E. Durre
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South Miami, FL 33143
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