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Our purpose is to educate patients on how to have a better quality, and longer quantity, of life through living a chiropractic lifestyle. It is our goal to not merely relieve symptoms but to correct the underlying cause of the problem, to not only relieve pain, but to improve a person's overall quality of health and life.

Chiropractic Care
physical therapy equipment
Sports Injury Treatment
massage therapy furniture
Exercise Counseling
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  • Location TypeNA
  • Year Established1993
  • Annual Revenue Estimateunknown
  • SIC Code show
  • Employees2 to 4
  • Contactsshow
Reviews (5)
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Lilly Magno
· Mar 18
Happy coming here. Dr. Riley is very knowledgeable and does a really great job explaining all of her diagnosis' and making sure that you understand them.
Updated Sep 03
Jose Rivera
· Feb 29
All of the office staff at New Bern Chiropractic Care does a very good job at making all of their patients feel completely relaxed during their appointments as well as is so welcoming.
Updated Sep 03
Laurie Feilds
· Nov 19
For over 5 years I have been going to see Dr. Riley. She does a great job taking care of me and relieving my back pain. Thanks so much Dr. Riley and staff!
Updated Sep 03