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For more than 25 years, CCHS has provided a highly flexible, "out-of-the-box" platform for major national and regional clients in the financial servic

At Cross Country Home Services (CCHS), we're not just the leading provider of home warranties, home service plans and homeowner emergency assistance programs - we're also the people that are truly passionate about driving revenue and customer loyalty for our clients. The company's comprehensive product suite - that includes home service plans, home maintenance, energy efficiency products, emergency home assistance, line protection and custom products - is designed to offer our clients both st...

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  • Location Typeunknown
  • Year Established1984
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  • Employees250 to 499
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Steven Jackson
· Nov 26
I paid for the services/repairs made on my refrigerator at the time of the services/repairs that were completed in February & March 2019. In October 2019, I received two separate notices for two separate amount for the same services/repairs performed. The notices informed me that I had not paid for the services/repairs for both dates. The notice also informed me that to dispute the notice, I would be required to respond back with a letter. I tried to resolve the issue on the telephone, but after being routed to several different departments and not making any resolution to the issue and they could not transfer me to a supervisor and finally the call was dropped. I tried several times but I got the same results. No one was able to look at my account and see any information reference to my account. I sent the letter and added copies of evidence that I had paid the for the services/repairs at the time of services/repairs, by certified mail. I checked the tracking number and the letter and enclosures were delivered. Now on 15 November 2019, I get the same two notices, but now each inform me that the next step referral to a collections agency. Nothing was provided refer to the letter & evidence that was provided. I try to call again and I was not successful in talking to anyone that could look at my account to find the error and they could not transfer me to a supervisor. I was again routed to several different departments and once again the call was dropped.