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Lakeway Veterinary Hospital

Lakeway Veterinary Hospital provides a full range of veterinary services for patients in Medford, OR and across Southern Oregon. We take pride in being the animal hospital patients trust to take care of their pocket pets, cats, and dogs. Our staff and veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Mason, are committed the safety and comfort of your pets. Dr. Mason has been practicing companion animal medicine for over 10 years. She and our team are interested in helping all of our clients understand any diagnosis a...

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  • Wed 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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  • Location TypeSingle Location
  • Year Established1973
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Echoes Hub
· Sep 13
If they actually come across and ran into a great employee I doubt they would know what to do because they have tension, weaponized anger, and verbal criticism. Compassion and connection aren't concepts bleached into their DNA. The greatest threat to Americans is other Americans at this point. This place is the definition of a hole in the wall without a solid foundation to build on and plastered with liberal disease. The owner and vet, Kristen Mason, is a very disheartening and raging bi-polar, alcoholic from California who seems to take out her anger and frustration out on her staff in front of customers for the smallest mistakes. She's a hypocrite with her own business strategies and runs her business not from a logical standpoint but an over emotional one that seems to be fueled by headaches, foul breath, insensitivity, a harsh tone when speaking, and the urgent need for more alcohol during business hours. She completely disengages in any positive moral capacity to the point where about 7-10 people who have worked for her in the last year have walked out. This is the absolute last place I would take my animals to be cared for after witnessing this while waiting with my dog to be seen and now hearing the stories from both current and ex-employees. Will she treat my buddy and furry friend like this? I can't take that risk. Many people feel that our animals / pets cannot be trusted under her care after they witnessed the lack of respect which caused internal distrust while waiting in the lobby. When you see an employees' eyes fill up with tears after they got screamed at for calling a wrong number (which was the primary number in the database) to try and contact the animal's owner to come pick up said animal after procedures, you know there is something seriously and undeniably wrong. In addition a paper was ripped out of the hand of the employee which left them with a shocked look on their face and mine! Such a blatant disregard for simple respect. Kristen Mason is defined as a tyrannical person with no respect for anyone or anything and chooses to go back and forth with new made up rules on a day to day basis, then yelling and screaming at her employees which creates a hostile work environment for her staff and patients. Being angry, miserable, divorced and hungover everyday has an impact on her social skills which I might add are extremely unprofessional. This person needs to go through a management course with sensitivity training at the very least. In closing, I'd like to finish here by adding that I couldn't choose 0 stars so I chose 1.