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Cutting-edge medical device technologies for the treatment of coronary and vascular disease, chest trauma, hernia and soft tissue injury.

Atrium Medical Corporation's vast expertise in medical device technologies for the treatment of coronary and vascular disease, chest trauma, hernia and soft tissue injury has brought a number of breakthrough advances in several diversified healthcare markets including interventional cardiology and radiology, chest trauma care and thoracic drainage, vascular surgery, and general surgery. Maintaining a commitment to the latest ISO13485 Quality Standards, state-of-the-art manufacturing and automation, cell biology and biomaterial discovery programs, Atrium continues to excel in those healthcare segments that require more advanced surgical intervention for improvements in patient outcomes. Atrium is a business unit of MAQUET Cardiovascular, a member of the GETINGE GROUP of companies.

What We Offer
Drug Delivery Catheters, Stents, Vascular Grafts, Soft Tissue Repair Mesh, Chest Drainage Devices

Brands Carried or Sold

ClearWay, Flixene, C-QUR, Advanta, ProLoop

Atrium Medical Corporation
Phone: (603) 880-1433
  • Trevor Carlton
  • Ted Karwoski
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Gary Sufat
    Chief Financial Officer

Additional Phone Numbers
Fax | (603) 880-6718

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Atrium Medical Corporation
5 Wentworth Drive
Hudson, NH 03051
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Additional Links

  • Atrium Chest Drain Educational Videos on YouTube
    Atrium's complimentary education series on the setup and operation of thoracic drainage products, available on YouTube for the convenience of nursing and medical professionals everywhere. Videos are provided in English, French, German and Spanish for international customers.

Detailed Information
Location Type HQ
Year Established 1981
Annual Revenue Estimate $100 to 500 million
Employees 500 to 999
SIC Code 3842, Orthopedic, Prosthetic, and Surgical Appliances and Supplies
Business Categories
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