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MAPS Parking provides parking services and solutions for all parking and transportation needs under all contractual agreements (lease contracts, manag

Our mission is to provide our customers with superb service - as well as to help our clients reach all their goals and objectives. We work together with our clients to improve their facilities, net operating income, operations, maintenance and aesthetics without compromising the customer's experience at the parking facility. At MAPS Parking we believe that many of the local/national parking companies have grown too large, focusing only on volume and growth. As a result, they are not able to m...

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jerry jacobi
· Apr 11
Mr. John Lyon, dear sir I would like to tell you of the great service I have received at the Louis A Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, W. V. It is managed by a man named TIM and to lady's who's names I do not know. Anyway the service is great and even tho at this time I don't need the extra care in getting in my vehicle. They do tend to the VETS that do with the utmost of respect being shown them at all times. An YES, sometimes these vets can be a pain in everybody's neck. But, they handle it with true caring. As do all of those employees. Hot, cold, rain, snow or heavy winds they do their jobs with a smile. They also keep the liter picked up around the entrance. I truly don't know if it is their job or not. They just do it and get it done. Ice or snow they help by spreading salt in their area to help the crippled vets and the rest to be as safe as possible. I wish you to inform them of this letter and applaud their actions. I don't think that would be to much to ask for in this situation, right. As I assume you do get some complains. An like all business owners are fast to reply to them. No, not being a smart guy but, owning a business myself I understand the value or good work habits THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. Sincerely Jerry Jacobi
Updated Sep 02