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  • Location TypeSingle Location
  • Year Establishedunknown
  • Annual Revenue Estimate26000
  • SIC Code show
  • Employees1
  • Contactsshow
Reviews (22)
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Oscar Hamilton
· May 31
Sue you can come over and clean my house anytime. I'm very busy & need a good house keeper. This would be great to come home after a hard day or any day to a clean well kept house and supper on the table. Call me 731-335-0335.
Updated Sep 04
lisa crisline
· Jun 02
Awhile back you actually cleaned my grandmothers house for us and did a wonderful job. We were going to contact you to do it again and on a regular basis but now that we have found out that you are a criminal it will not happen. It is a shame because you did do a good job but how do you expect people to hire you when you blatantly commit a crime? You should be ashamed of yourself!! I had recommended you to many people but now I will be sure to let them know exactly what kind of low life you are. Where do you get off thinking it is okay to violate some one the way you did? Sick Sick Sick woman.
Updated Sep 04
Ima Kiddin
· May 31
She'll also knock off a liquor store with you for 85.00! Hey Sue? How do feel about "money Laundering"? Bring your own detergent..The key's under the mat!! Do you know any prostitutes that will come in and "give me da business" while I'm sleeping and then bill me later? I'll leave a light on for ya!!
Updated Sep 04