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Repair and remanufacturing of car components

Module Repair Pro specializes in repair and remanufacturing of car components such as ABS Pump Control Module (ABS EBCM), A/C Heater Climate Controls (EATC), Ligting Control Modules (LCM) and Engine Computer Units (ECM ECU) as well as Speedometers, and other vehicle electronic modules. For years, we perfected rebuild solutions by repairing weak points and replacing parts with updated components that can withstand everyday high pressure.

transmission control
power train control modules
automotive control modules
abs control modules
Engine Computer Units (ECM ECU)
electronic modules
  • Wed 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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  • Location TypeHQ
  • Year Established2010
  • Annual Revenue Estimateunknown
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  • Employees5 to 9
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Reviews (15)
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Joe Rodriguez
· Mar 17
Excellent service. Very quick turnaround. Refunded my deposit immediately after receiving my old abs module.
Arlene Mac Donald
· Oct 11
I was a little shocked to get a estamate for $1000.00 from my Ford dealership for a new EATC. So I found Module Repair Pro and sent in for a reconditioned one and with in two days it came in the mail and the next day for $88.00 I had it instaled. I sent my core back and have received my refund back to my pay pal account.. Was so easy to do and now my car is a happy place to be and a safer place. Thank you so much for saving me so much money, I am on a fixed income and can't just throw away money on parts that can be reconditioned. Sorry the dealer could not have saved me this money, you would think thay would take advantage of your service.
Updated Sep 04
ben Michael
· Oct 10
Worked with them on a 2001 Nissan sentra ECM unit, after two attempts they were not able to repair the unit, bought one from wrecking yard and car works like a dream, so do not waist your money they do not have a clue how to repair control units..! It was waist of money and could not get a refund.!
Updated Sep 04