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Snoqualmie, Washington


Genevieve Ruth Photography | Catchlight LLC

Catchlight.Co is a creative design agency specializing in product photography and graphic design. 10% benefits organ-donation advocacy programs.

Catchlight.Co was co-founded by Genevieve Ruth, an award-winning, Seattle-area photographer with 20 years of experience in portraiture and commercial design work. Her studio provides small-business support, management and marketing consulting, and partners closely with clients throughout the design process to produce high-quality, consistent, and exciting imagery for print and digital advertising.

Samples, pricing, licensing fees and more can be found at:

Additionally, 10% of proceeds benefit organ-donation advocacy programs and transplant-related drug research and testing.. a company with heart. :)

What We Offer
Photography + Graphic Design for Online/Print Advertising

Photography + Graphic Design for Online/Print Advertising

Catchlight.Co provides one-stop, customized photo+graphic design in the Greater Seattle area. Award-winning photographer, Genevieve Ruth, combines professional product imagery and graphic design for digital/print advertising, with fast turnaround.

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Product Photography, Small Business Marketing, Commercial Photography, Graphic Design

Brands Carried or Sold

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm, StemWear, Catchlight Collection, Purple 'Arts, Drew Co.

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Detailed Information
Location Type NA
Year Established 2000
Annual Revenue Estimate Less than $100,000
Employees 2 to 4
SIC Code 7335, Commercial Photography
Business Categories
  • Snoqualmie Valley Women In Business
  • Seattle Professional Photographers Association
  • RelyLocal
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