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Blink Development Group, LLC authors, edits and produces the most popular True Crime Blog in the Eastern United States.

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  • Year Established2005
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Fu Lee
· Oct 15
Shannon Stoy, President and sole employee of Blink Development Group, LLC was a big help in getting even with my ex husband. My sister has bought Pot from Shannon for years and told her about how my husband was cheating on me while I was at work. Shannon Stoy wrote several articles about him and sent copies of her articles to his boss and Mother and Aunt. Thanks Shannon for all you help. Nancy H.
Updated Sep 04
Nathan McDonald
· Feb 05
My neighbor's daughter was abducted and I aided in the search effort. After some police documents were released that mentioned my name, this site wrote an article and interview misrepresenting the facts of those documents. The proprietor of this site exploits the names of innocent people and crime victims to create web hits. Despite a letter from the police and my correction of her libel, the owner refuses to retract or correct her mistakes. If you are looking for someone to tell lies about you and exploit crime victims, Blink on Crime and Shannon Stoy will do a great job. Shannon Stoy has a terrific history of blundering the truth, sticking to her lies and smearing the names of innocent bystanders.
Updated Sep 04