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Last resort - Emergency/ Comprehensive Online 1-1 USMLE Tutoring with Best USMLE Tutor for Highest Score Increase on USMLE, NBME Shelf & COMLEX!

"Best USMLE tutor" came into being after Dr. Harish Malik was able to help a 2nd year Resident Pass her USMLE Step 3 in 4th attempt with a 44 point score improvement in just 6 weeks! Since then, BESTUSMLETUTOR has been helping American Medical Students, American Medical Graduates, and International Medical Graduates achieve their USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 3 Target Scores in a One-on-One Setting. Students typically approach us after they are unable to reach target USMLE Score...

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Thomas Irwin
· Sep 06
Dr. Malik and I have been working together (with the exception of my MBA year) for 18 months. I came to him after a low Step 1 score, and over the course of about 9 months, he helped me improve my score by 33 points. This has put me in position to realistically compete for some of the more exclusive specialties to get into, and has made my trip through fourth year a lot more pleasant. He is a DELIGHT to work with- great sense of humor, genuine interest in his students (even if they're wound up and a bit obsessive- kind of like med students are), and the patience to make sure you get the critical concepts down in order to maximize your scores. This makes you a better physician, period. When you're not panicking about the test, you have time to spend on learning to be a good doctor and assembling the big picture so that you can do what you want to do with your life. These days in particular, where we're judged in large part by how we do on tests, this is more or less what dictates your future. If you're not getting what you need from sitting in class, or learning through case-based learning, or however it's being taught, then take the next step to controlling your future and get with the best in the business. The man is Chuck Norris and Yoda rolled into one, and the results speak for themselves.
Marvin Weniger
· Sep 11
Dr. Malik knows what he is talking about. He has a very detailed understanding of the human body and systems that you won't find with an average tutor. I met with him to supplement my studies for retaking the MCAT. I found that he was very patient, was willing to go over things as many times as I needed, and very knowledgeable. I would want to receive tutoring from him again.
Updated Sep 04
Thomas del Ninno
· Dec 12
Dr. Malik was very thorough in teaching me and helping me to pass my exam which I had some previous difficulty. The sessions went smoothly. I improved 30 points on my Step 2CK exam. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone looking for help while studying for a major exam.
Updated Sep 04
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