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What began as a small moving team in 2014, has quickly blossomed into a full-service, reliable moving company.

Best American Movers is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. On top of the formalities and documentation that allow us to call ourselves a moving company, we know that you expect a friendly, professional service. Our main priority is to eliminate the stress out of the moving process as much as possible. That is why we dedicate so much of our work and passion into the process, making our best , so our Customers will think more about their new home, rather than how to take apart a bed or load the...

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  • Location Typeunknown
  • Year Established2014
  • Annual Revenue Estimate$100,001 to $500,000
  • SIC Code show
  • Employees10 to 19
  • Contactsshow
Reviews (23)
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Dennis McCarson
· Oct 12
I trust Best American Movers like part of the family! My wife and I had to move for a new job at the start of the pandemic in 2020. We were due in our new city 1000 miles away April 1, 2020. I'll just go ahead and say it, moving from one state to another is stressful. Moving from one state to another in the most unprecedented time of your life? Chaotic, exhausting, stressful and tiring. The day of our pickup the team had to stop at 2 locations, one house and one storage unit. The unit was not packed ideally, and my wife and I were also dealing with all the other issues that would arise as we moved. Oh and to top it all off, it was raining. The first saving grace of the move was Best American Movers. They saved our skin and made us feel taken care of. Our stuff was safe, but more than that, we knew that we would have our own bed to sleep in when we got to our new apartment. The pickup went incredibly smoothly and the guys picking up were not just assuring to us, but truthfully had us laughing which was hard due to the general state of the move. When we arrived in Missouri from New Jersey we expected our items to take about a week to arrive. We had planned for this, we planned to lay on the floor and eat a lot of take out. Much to my chagrin (because I love sleeping on the floor and takeout), our items arrived a day after we did. A DAY. Almost a week ahead of time. What's more, everything was in perfect condition. If you're on the fence, don't be. You will be taken care of and treated like part of the family. I plan to use them again as I make my treacherous trip back to the northeast.
james rich
· Aug 31
I was given a quote over the from Jay. I detailed out everything thing that I had and I needed moved. When the movers got to my addres the following things have happended. 1. I was told that no liquids could be shipped. That was never told to me by Jay. 2. I was told that no light bulbs could be shipped. That was never told to my by Jay 3. I had requested a 9am move and they didn't show up until 1:35pm. I was told by Pauline that they would be there by noon and she was going to try to get them by 11:30am because I only had the elevator until 5pm 4. I was told that I couldn't pay by credit card when it was delievered and had to pay in cash. I was told by Jay that I could pay by credit card. 5. They used my steak knives to cut packing tape. 6. They used wardrobe boxes to pack vacuum cleaner and other things that didn't need boxes thus causing 147 cubic feet more of storage thus overcharging me for their packing 7. They missed a hanging coat rack on the door, non kitchen supplies under the sink and tea bags in the cabinet. 8. Packing slips are unreadable and unknown what is what box or how many boxes. 9 The driver ask me for a tip after charging me over an extra $1000 dollar for long move, and the extra packing and boxes for the cubic feet that they expanded it out to. 10. My goods have been sitting in a warehouse in California for over two weeks without a status update on when it will be delivered to me. I was told by Jay that worst case scenario would be 3 weeks and there is less than a week left to get my ideas. 11. I have requested to speak to the owner on several occasions to Jay and Pauline. Both have refused to let me know the owner is and Pauline is an extremely rude and arrogant person to the customer 12. Had I known they they were going to be slow and use the delivery date of 8/24 that I requested as the first day of counting, I would have requested the same day as the pick as the delivery date. Based on the conversation, the owner doesn't care about the business and only wants the money. Still don't have my stuff!!!!
Samuel Norris
· Oct 29
Grovestarsmoving was simply awesome. They were on time, very quick, and very careful. There were no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. They were simply wonderful!
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