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Man Flow Yoga provides online free and premium instructional yoga training.

Man Flow Yoga provides online free and premium instructional videos, workouts, tips, e-Books, exercise guides and more to anyone interested in yoga. Man Flow Yoga founded by Dean Pohlman, who helps directly with group classes, personal training, remote training (training via webcam), retreats (workout vacations), yoga for athletes and seminars in order to help people improve their physical fitness.

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  • Thu 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Sania Baker
· Mar 29
The best part about Man Flow Yoga’s techniques is that it makes you more in tune with your body’s needs. It helps you become aware of your body and work out according to your body’s capacity. There is no need to do things that could hurt your body. The essential focus is on building strength by focusing on proper movement patterns.
Updated Sep 04
Olivia Grey
· Aug 02
Being at an advanced age, I used to suffer from back pain and joint pain making it difficult for me to go to everyday tasks much less do yoga. But dean and his dedication to yoga and a better life helped me overcome that pain. His attention to detail and verbal instructions made the online classes very useful for my body in the long run.
Updated Sep 04