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Give your customers the payment options they want and make running your business easier with American Merchant Brokers.

We’ll help streamline your payment processing with the expertise, products and services you need to make the most of today’s changing payment technologies. Take advantage of a complimentary side-by-side comparison that will tell you how much more of your revenue you'll get to keep by switching to American Merchant Brokers for ALL of your merchant processing. Get a customized payment processing solution tailored for the needs of your business and your customers – on site, online, or on the go. ...

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Reviews (4)
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Darren Thomas
· Mar 23
Greatest Credit Card Processing Service Ever! Not only is the service personal but the rates I had before were around 1/5% more. Jarrod and his company reduced our operating expenses by roughly $420.00 per month off the credit volume we have now, this is from our first statement, we were looking to get out of our Micros POS system since it was outdated and I happened upon them from Google and they offer free Clover POS with certain volumes (sorry can't remember what that is), so we qualified and I have to admit, I was hesitant at first but it's true. So between the huge cost savings to me and my business along with a free 1400.00 POS system, any business owner that doesn't at least give them a call is nuts! Jarrod was very friendly, helpful and I recommend him to you. I'll be using this company for my next locations too.
Updated Sep 04
kyrene Beltran
· Apr 17
My company switched to American Merchant Brokers about 5 months ago and we have been happy with the service and rates so far. My husband and I own three restaurants in Georgia and while we weren't unhappy with Bank of America my husband kept telling me we were paying way too much for processing our customers credit card purchases in our restaurants. So I began my internet search and came upon this company noticing they offered free Clover POS registers so I called and spoke to Jarrod. After he explained the program we sent them a merchant statement and that was when we learned how much more we were paying than we should have been! I was angry with BofA at that point but really couldn't do anything about it since we'd been with them for 2 years at that point in our business. Jarrod explained how everything would work and the timelines involved and while it seemed to us that it would take too long getting the Clover POS registers, he assured us (me) that it would be worth the wait. We are very happy with the system, since we were using Rpower and the annual fees of 3K to upgrade was really something that bothered us both since we couldn't understand why so much! Our staff likes the new POS and we added several Clover Mobile units 2 months ago to help increase speed of service during our peak times and WOW, it really works. I wanted to say how much we like American Merchant Brokers because they've really held our hand during this process and made us realize the potential we ha
Updated Sep 04
Jeremy Lanenmire
· Apr 18
My company was using Chase Paymentech up until 2 months ago and most times we attempted to call them either me or my accountant would be placed on hold, sometimes they wouldn't even come back on, Crap service and the fees they charged were deceptive. Mike there at American Merchant Brokers told me we'd see better results and our rates are lower. My company is a manufacturer with thin profit margins so every dollar helps and they answer the phone! I even called on a Sunday for a question and got a response, no way at Chase that would happen. Good job and thanks for saving me money
Updated Sep 04