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Publisher of 'One Voice Raised: A Triumph Over Rape' by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf and David H. Cordle, Sr. I never saw the face of the man who raped me

"This is a story that needed to be written. Now it needs to be read. Over and over. And it needs to be written not just by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf but also by others as well. Rape is something that we need to bring out of the dark closet of shame and into the bright light of daylight and justice. Do yourself and everyone a favor. Buy this book, read it, pass it on, and start talking openly about rape. Let's take the power away from the perpetrators and let the healing begin for the victims." J. ...

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  • Tue 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM
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Jennifer Wheatley Wolf
· Feb 16
"The book was superb, the insight unsettling and gift to the human spirit, priceless. I hope that your experience through your book can and will be seen as a beacon for frightened and battered women, as well as men and children who have been subjected to similar events." Jim D
Updated Sep 04