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Center market.

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Detailed Information
  • Location Typeunknown
  • Year Established2003
  • Annual Revenue Estimate$500,000 to $1 million
  • SIC Code show
  • Employees10 to 19
Reviews (10)
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Ken Neal
· Dec 31
If i could give 0 stars I would. This site is a total scam. I too ordered Airpods that have not arrived and have gotten no response from them. Shipping label was created on Dec 3rd and then nothing happened after that. I believe this is a way for them to scam buyers by simply saying its a postal issue when in fact they never shipped it. Most likely they have some shipping label service that businesses use to create their own labels and simy created a label without a package. I get part of the gift, the wireless charging pad, in some random plastic bag, with (no joke) a 1 and half inch charging cord,and not in any legitimate package. These guys are complete frauds!!
Traci Vega
· Dec 30
Completely horrible experience. Ordered airpods 12/8, and after no customer service response to any calls or emails, finally rec’d product 12/29. They said they were new, but when my son set them up they were already registered to someone named “se xy wet man” . Really?! Terribly company - totally not legit. Negative stars but it wouldnt let me.
Updated Dec 30
Yasmeen Jasey
· Dec 21
Ordered 12/8/2020, on 12/19 item still was not received by usps. Asked for a refund since it was an xmas gift and got a response that my card would be refunded however I would have to return the item and pay for it otherwise I would be sent to COLLECTIONS and incur other fees. I said I will dispute any fees so they said because I refused to comply they would refund me and send me right to collections so I could not dispute the charges on my card. I do not have verification that my card was refunded however they did send me a vague email sending me to collections and negative credit reporting. I got confirmation today that the item was received by usps and when I asked where to return the item when it is delivered with proof of refund to my card, they responded that I was only entitled to a store credit and that there is nothing more to talk about (because I had been trying to contact a real person for the past 5 days but no one answers the phone) and that if my lawyer wanted to contact them she could with the "contract" I entered into when I bought the item. So I supposedly am in collections for $140 plus the cost of the item (because they said they refunded me) without a confirmation from them that my card has been refunded. The customer service is awful, they refuse to actually talk to you and their immediate response in the initial email is if you don't pay the additional fees (whatever those are) you are automatically sent to collections. Definitely be careful with this company. You may end up getting your item (although I am still waiting for mine) but it's not worth the awful customer service and the threats of being sent to collections without any item in hand, without any refusal to return the item, only the refusal to pay additional fees that were not clearly stated what those fees were just an arbitrary amount. BE CAREFUL! 12/23 update: got a refund on my card thank goodness! Item still hasn't been received.
Updated Dec 23